Thoughts & Quotes

life is like a series of photographs you develop from the negatives.
When you need to fly from your home, it's not a home. Home should be where the birds feelings are free not caged.
nobody likes the rain but if you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain.
♫ And the stars are always there but we miss them in the dirt and in the clouds we miss them in the storms. ♫
To the believer anything is possible, to the sceptic everything is impossible.
"the reason angels can fly is becuase they take themselves lightly"
Stay strong- Keep smiling =] and NEVER give up- there is always hope <3
'It is not the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves' (William Shakespeare)
Stick to the fight when your hardest hit, its when things seem worse that you must not quit
it's about learning to dance in the rain
sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same
we never notice the beauty around us because we are too busy trying to create it.
People say that it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it is letting go and putting yourself first.
No-one can do a better job of being you, than YOU.
Be strong now because things will get better; it may be stormy now but it can't rain forever.
This too shall pass
We have to learn to dance in the rain
Even on the darkest days sometimes we glimpse sunlight
Sometimes we need to tell our story 100 times
Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark

What is substance abuse ?

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What is substance abuse ?

Substance abuse can be defined in different ways.

It's the point at which the use of legal or illegal drugs becomes a problem by negatively impacting on a person's life and the lives of those close to them. Individuals and family members can experience social, financial, psychological, physical or legal problems at any stage or level of drug or alcohol use. 

People often abuse substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, heroin, cocaine and other drugs for varied and complicated reasons. Young people often ask questions like ‘why can’t my mum/dad stop drinking or taking drugs’ when they can clearly see the harm that it is causing them. 

Illegal drugs are not the only substances that can be abused. Alcohol, prescription medications, solvents, even coffee & cigarettes, can be used to harmful excess. In fact, almost any substance can be abused.

For many substances, the line between use and abuse isn't clear… Is having a few drinks every day after work to help relax use or abuse? Would drinking four cups of coffee in the morning to get your day started be considered as use or abuse? Generally in these situations, only the individual or a close family member can determine where use ends and abuse begins. 

The latest research from the National Addiction Centre, estimates that seven million young people in the UK are affected by drug and alcohol abuse, in the form of parental binge drinking, hazardous drinking, and parental drug misuse. 


We're Here to Help...

Our online community supports and empowers its members, providing a space to share problems and seek advice from others who understand what they’re going through.

COAP provides free Online Counselling for any young UK residents aged 11 to 30 years old, affected by someone else's addiction. 

Our work in schools helps to raise awareness of parental and family addiction. Letting young people know they are not alone, what the problem is, and where to go for support.