Marathon: 10 Rules to Begin

The beginner’s handbook for training to run the 42 kilometers.

To dedicate yourself to the marathon, even at amateur level, you must first be clear about some fundamental points. Whether you are male or female, the preparation does not change, these are the key things to consider.

Age to Debut

Up to 30 years are very few problems. In addition, up to 40-45 years, you can easily debut, being careful not to overdo it. There are also those who gave him his first marathon after 55 years. But the precautions are needed more in the later start, the harder it is to adapt the organism to long stroke.

Getting Started

You will have to start slowly, taking into account your age and physical activity practiced up to now. If you are over 50 years old and do not exercise for so long time, you should start from a few minutes a day. At the limit, it is not even necessary that you begin by running, you can also work out just walking, especially if you’re overweight, and maybe even a smoker. Then you can increase the number of miles per session, but always do gradually. At the beginning, especially if you fall into the category of over 50 years and be sedentary, it is good for a few months you would not address more than three long sessions per week.

Muscle and Fitness

The working muscles are basically those of the lower limbs, which become able to use more oxygen: that is to say, become more resistant. It is advisable to strengthen them, as well as with the training, including weights, or with free body exercises. But it should not be neglected even the back muscles, which, with its stabilizing action, helps protect against injury to the spine. It will be essential to joint mobility before and stretching after every workout.

Eating and Drinking

It is important to begin your workout (or race) without food in the stomach. If you run for less than an hour just drink plain water. But if you exceed the time or there is an atmosphere that makes you sweat abundantly, it should also be introduced through food or supplements, minerals (sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium) and carbohydrates (for example, fructose and maltodextrin).


You should never eat while running.


Your equipment must be adequate in cotton or breathable technical fabrics. Banning synthetic materials, which hold the sweat on the skin. If it’s hot, legs and arms should be bare. If it’s cold, never use the waterproof overalls.

Location to Train

It is preferable to choose parks or areas with lots of greenery for the training. At the beginning, you should opt for the flat routes.

Hours of Training

Choose the time of day most convenient for you, what you do not need to take into account any difficulties or unexpected events that may force you to miss an appointment. In the summer do better in the morning or evening when the heat fades, and in the winter, if you can, do it in the central hours of the day when it’s warmer.

Make the Check up

Before starting the preparation for the marathon, check with your doctor and let him or her know your plans. You should be marked by a specialist stating the good heart health, joints and spine.

Get Your Feet Checked

The feet should be first checked with a baseline examination of those engaged in some shops for the race, and then if necessary by an expert recommendations of how to correct eventual defects such as orthotics flat feet, overpronation or hyper supination.

If the support is not correct, it is easy to encounter pain in the feet, also problems in the ankles, knees, and, consequently, in the back. From the very first sessions, it is essential that you use good quality racing shoes that fit the shape of your foot. Choose carefully only in specialty stores.

Are You Overweight? Lose Weight First

The higher weight you have, the greater stress on your feet and joints. If you’re overweight, begins losing weight with a low calorie diet before you start increasing the intensity and duration of training sessions. Once lost the bulk of the excess weight, eating a balanced diet and exercise almost daily will do the rest.