3 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss For Women

When we talk about losing weight we are directly overwhelmed dump the concept of eating less and exercise more. Even exercise and healthy eating are appropriate requiring, they scarcely superscription the ground we may show gaining weight clout the ahead void. Some of us plain bear emotions and concern for other tribe! In that women and matter-of-course nurturers we unconsciously effort to solve everyone’s ‘ problems and put out other peoples ‘ fires.

What we must to determine is redirect that heart onto ourselves, release the emotional baggage that’s been tying us down and take back all our energy so we can even consider a diet and exercise plan! By applying these tools in your life you will immediately begin to see results!

1# Make time for you.

If you don’t take time for yourself, no one else will. Literally stop doing those activities and hanging out with people that don’t make you feel better. The objective is to lose and feel good about yourself, then why are you still hanging around friends and family that make you feel worse? Make time for the things you like to do for yourself, that make you feel amazing and beautiful.

2# You need to be able to say ” no ” to other people and ” yes ” to yourself.

Be clear about your boundaries. This includes what you are able to take on for other people, including emotions and worry. For example, if your sister is unemployed and has to feed her family yet isn’t looking for a new job, don’t spend all your time and energy supporting her and taking on her financial responsibilities. You are literally ” worrying ” for her! Offer what you can without taking time away from yourself and offer her advice on places that are hiring people in her field. By being able to say ” no ” to others and ” yes ” to yourself it communicates that you cannot be taken advantage of and that you respect your time and precious energy.

3#: After practicing steps 1 and 2 you will finally have time for yourself.

Now sit down with a pen and paper and follow this simple exercise: – Begin to write what old thoughts and feelings from your past or present are making you feel bad, heavy, unmotivated, uninspired, hopeless, frustrated, etc. Once you ‘ ve gotten it out on paper you ‘ ve already started the releasing process, congratulations!- On a separate column write what thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals make you feel good, inspired, hopeful, loved, confident and valuable.

Now sit quietly with eyes closed, begin to breathe well and imagine those old heavy emotions that have been weighing you down simply leaving your body with every exhale. With every inhale imagine yourself receiving the words that make you feel great. Make sure to practice this simple exercise for just 5 minutes at some point in your day.

What will happen:

Your sense of self respect will flourish by the simple acts of giving yourself time, saying no, and the breathing meditation. Naturally the more you respect yourself, others will do the same. Your well – being is now your main priority and you ‘ ll be amazed at much more energy you have! Of course by having more energy you ‘ ll want to do more, here ‘ s where you can think about an exercise and healthy eating plan the meets your needs and is easy to follow.

Start slow and enjoy the process!

Now that emotional baggage has been released you ‘ ll be able to to start an exercise plan and have the confidence and energy to sustain!

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The 8 Phases Of Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the goal of many dieters. According to statistics only about 1 in 250 dieters actually achieve their ideal weight and maintain it for a reasonable period of time.

If you have failed more times than you can count with diet programs, you’re not alone. The 8 Phases of Healthy Weight Loss will help you finally reverse that trend by teaching you things about losing weight that the diet scammers never mention.

  • Is the decision yours or someone else’s? If the decision is truly yours your chances of success greatly improve.
  • Is the decision to lose weight for medical or cosmetic reasons?I’m not against slimming down for cosmetic reasons but medical reasons trump cosmetic every time.
  • Is your decision to lose weight because you want more energy and stamina?

Who makes the decision and why, is crucial to successful weight loss

This phase isn’t taken seriously enough. Many people fail at losing weight because they approach it with the scantest of knowledge.

You simply can’t read a few 400 word Internet articles and expect to succeed at weight loss.

My fat loss motto is: “The more you know, the more it’ll show.”

There obviously comes a time after your decision to lose weight that you have to actually DO something about it.

  • Remove from your cupboard and refrigerator unhealthy treats and fat-gaining foods
  • Outfit your cupboard and refrigerator with high quality food
  • Get a collection of healthy recipes
  • Start eating better (Eat at home more. Eat at restaurants less.)
  • Start exercising more

Lack of, or loss of motivation is one of the leading contributors to failed weight loss attempts.

The best motivation comes from within. If you’ve failed at dieting numerous times and have a negative attitude about yourself then reading a positive mental attitude book or memorizing positive self-affirmations is a good place to start.

You can also enlist the aid of family or friends to help keep you motivated. Better yet, find a like-minded person to share your daily weight loss struggles and victories with.

This is the least talked about phase of the weight loss puzzle.

All too often, when weight loss slows down or stops, people quit out of frustration instead of re-evaluating the situation. Evaluation is a missing key to fat loss success.

I recommend re-evaluating where you’re at and how far you’ve come every seven days or so. If you can recognize early on what isn’t working you can eliminate it. If you recognize what is working you can improve it and realize even greater success.

Weight loss is not a two week proposition, it’s more of a lifestyle thing.Your bad habits will need to be replaced by good ones.

Example: the sedentary couch potato habit will have to be replaced by a more active one.

Only by changing your habits can you expect permanent weight loss results.

The plateau phase is simply reaching a point where your weight comes off more slowly or stops coming off all together. Trust me, every dieter runs into plateaus.

If you run into a plateau just take a few days off (not go an eating binge of course) and relax, much like mountain climbers do before assaulting the final summit. When you’re ready, assault your fat loss plateau with renewed vigor. Remember, plateaus aren’t failures they are only temporary roadblocks that can be conquered with a little patience or creativity.

What do you do when you finally achieve your perfect weight? Maintain it.Just keep doing the positive things over and over again that got you to your perfect weight and maintaining it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Healthy weight loss will be realized if you approach it with a mature decision and a healthy dose of internal motivation. If you also expect that roadblocks may get in your way, like weight loss plateaus, you won’t be surprised or intimidated by them.

Your perfect weight will be achieved when you are willing to learn more, do more, create healthy habits and stay motivated.

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