Summer Glow To Winter Warmth: Tips For Transitioning Your Beauty This Season

Whatever your favorite season is, chances are you always take the necessary steps to make sure you’re celebrating your beauty the right way. In the summertime, women make it a point to have their tans glowing, bronzers in full effect and their tresses tousled and voluminized for that bouncy, beach look. When it comes to wintertime, however, many women aren’t sure what to do. Instead of trying to celebrate summer beauty year-round, it’s best to learn how to properly make the transition from one season to the next.

Beauty in wintertime doesn’t have to mean dressing down and becoming a pale ghost or statue. Believe it or not, there are ways women can embrace this chilly, holiday-filled season. All it takes is the know-how when it comes to making certain changes to their beauty and skincare routine.

Change #1: Nix the Tan/Tan Lines

Tans and the sun go together like peas and carrots. But sporting a much darker shade in the winter will only make you stick out…and not in a good way. This is especially the case for individuals whose natural skin color is not very tanned, to begin with. So step away from the tanning booths and put your fake bake tanning products back on the shelf for next summer. Allow your tan to fade gradually—this also includes the tan lines. The sooner you begin the “fading” process, the easier it will be to sport your natural skin color and begin the real transition to wintertime beauty.

Change #2: Switch Up Your Foundation Color

In case you weren’t aware, when it comes to foundation, all women that use this makeup product should have two shades: one for summer and one for winter. Our complexions don’t stay the same shade year-round and neither should the color you use. If you haven’t already, make a trip to your favorite store or beauty counter and get assistance from a makeup artist who can help match the right foundation color for your complexion during the winter. Concerned about being too pale? Mention this to the makeup artist and they’ll know exactly which shade and formulas to recommend.

Change #3: Bronze Is Out, Rosy Is In

If there was ever a time to be okay with a rosy complexion, it’s during the wintertime. Being a dewy, bronzed goddess is okay during the winter if you live someplace tropical but for women living in much colder climates, the bronze look won’t do you any favors. Learn how to embrace your complexion – especially you porcelain beauties! In fact, women with pale skin should use the winter season to take the spotlight. However, cold weather is known for creating a dull, pasty or drab appearance. An easy fix to these skincare issues is to make a change in the types of skincare products you’re currently using.

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The first step is to purchase a quality, oil-free moisturizer. Get rid of dry, flaky and dull skin cells by using a top notch exfoliant once or twice a week. Doing these two actions alone will reveal fresher, vibrant skin cells that are naturally hydrated and glowing. Invest in the concealer that will effectively counteract dark under-eye circles. Need to brighten up your complexion? Look for lotion or powder that is formulated to brighten the skin through the use of special optical materials and reflecting particles.

The result: a face that looks radiant and glowing without looking like you put glitter on your face. Don’t be afraid of blush, either. With the right shade and application technique, your rosy complexion will last you through the rest of the winter season.

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