Our Team

Our team at COAP are mostly unpaid staff and so we would like to say a big thank you to you all for time, care and support in helping make COAP the safe, supportive and welcoming online community that it is.

COAP Staff

Emma | Founding Director


Alison | Child Protection Advisor

Jane | Online Counselling Trainer

Al | Child protection consultant

Our small team of sam @ COAP online counsellors

Outreach | Awareness Raising

Giselle | Kent

Mentor Team

Sophie | Mentor

Fleur-mentor | Senior Mentor

Lucy2me | Mentor

Jemimah | Senior Mentor

Emma | Mentor

CarrotCake | Senior Mentor

TJS | Mentor

Philip2260 | Mentor

Coops | Mentor

Nicky | Mentor

Forgivinfreeda | Mentor

EmmaLP | Senior Mentor

Jeeberalla | Mentor

Ash | Mentor

Suzy | Mentor

LisaR | Mentor

RoseyS | Mentor

Denisewc4 | Mentor

Phil | Mentor

Daydreamer85-mentor | Mentor

TerriS | Mentor

ellie_here Mentor | Mentor

mkc-mentor | Mentor

Littleme mentor | Mentor

no more stigma | Mentor