3 Minutes A Day To Firm Up Your Flabby Arms

Obtaining firm arms may very well seem like a distant dream at this point. But just 3 minutes a day to firm up your flabby arms is possible. There are a lot of different ways to obtain firm arms. Did you know that you can get the arms you have always wanted in less than 3 minutes a day? All you have to do is perform a basic set of exercises, back to back, for at least two days per week.

The first type of exercise you need to do in order to achieve firm arms is called the triceps extension. For this exercise, you can choose to either sit on a bench, ball, or stand with your feet hip width apart. For more of a challenge (recommended), you should sit on a stability ball. This forces you to balance your weight while performing the exercise. You will need a weight that it is something you can do up to 25 times without stopping. The goal is to tone and achieve firm arms. Once you are positioned in the desired manner with good form and posture, you are going to slowly have the weight in both hands, positioned over your head. Make sure that your head and neck are properly aligned and that you are looking straight forward. Slowly lower the weight with both hands behind your head, keeping your elbows close to your body. Do this 25 times.

Directly after you have finished that set of exercises, you are going to move on to the next exercise that will also help you obtain firm arms. Do not allow any rest in between sets, especially if you want to finish within three minutes. The next set of exercises you will be performing are triceps presses. With this exercise, you are going to take two weights that you can lift for a total of 25 times. Most people usually prefer a light 5-pound weight for firm arms. Lie down on a mat with your feet on the ground and knees bent comfortably. Hold the weights over your head and slowly lower them down until they are touching the floor where your head is. Raise the weights back up and repeat.

After you have finished that set of exercises, you should have about one minute left. The next set of exercises you will be performing are called triceps kickbacks. With this exercise, you are going to take two light weights that you can lift comfortably without straining. This last minute is very important. The next thing you are going to do is bend over at a 45-degree angle (parallel to the floor). Make sure that you have both of the weights in your hands and bring your elbows up to your torso. Kick back the weights until your arms are parallel to the rest of your body. Bend your elbows back down and repeat as many times as you can until your last minute is up. It may be very helpful to have a timer for these exercises. If you are new to exercises for firm arms, then it may take you a minute or two longer to complete. Practice these exercises at least twice per week to begin. You are definitely going to feel it the next day, especially your first time around.

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Remember to do some stretching before and after your exercises in order to minimize recovery time. The quicker you recover, the faster you can perform the exercises again. Any fat and/or flab you may have will be tightened and toned into lean muscle, which is what is going to give you the appearance of firm arms. The muscle is going to help burn off the fat, so it is a win-win.

Flabby arms are a big problem for a lot of women. These exercises are effective and safe enough for anyone to perform. The best part is that they only take three minutes to do. Make sure that you do not do them again until your soreness is gone. Doing so any earlier could potentially create problems such as weakness and overworked muscles. Give your workout some time to show results. In most cases, it takes about a month or two to start noticing lean, firm arms.

3 Main Aspects To Consider In Selecting Food Supplements

There are over thousand brands of food supplements in the market, many claiming to be the “best” in the market.  That is why we need to consider below 3 main aspects while selecting food supplements.

1) Are the food supplements safe to take?

This is the most important aspect to look at if you want to consume food supplements. It is difficult for consumers to ensure whether the supplements are safe to be taken. The only way is you call the company and ask. If there is no contact information available, then don’t buy the food supplements. Actually, food supplements are simply encapsulated group of ingredients taken from plants, or created in a laboratory. There might be harmful substances inside the capsules so we need to confirm the products safety before buying them.

Contaminated Ingredients

It is found that only scientific-based nutrition companies will test food supplements ingredients for contamination.  When they perform the test, they reject as much as 30% of the ingredients due to contamination from the so called “contamination free” ingredients. These contaminants include:


Bacteria that cause severe bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps.


This cause diarrhea, fever and also abdominal cramps.


This is agents that cause diseases.


Pesticides can cause everything including mild skin irritation, convulsions, vomiting, tremors and coma to long term accumulative illnesses and diseases.

Toxic Levels

Toxic levels from food supplements can be caused by inconsistencies in the strength of raw materials.  Therefore, it is important to test the strength and purity of each batch of food supplements to substantiate that not only each pill contains the same strength and purity, but it has the exact same strength and purity in the products ordered afterwards, either next month or next year.

2) Do the supplements get absorbed?

The food supplements you choose should use the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) designation on the label.  This represents these supplements meets at least one or all of the following standards:


A measurement of how fast a capsule or tablet breaks down into small pieces so that the nutrients can dissolve.


Indicate how fast a food supplements dissolves.  The nutrients cannot be absorbed as long as the capsules or tablets do not dissolve.


Strength is the amount of a specific vitamin, mineral, or herb in each capsule or tablet.


Assures that the food supplements products are within a range for acceptable impurities from contamination or degradation.

Expiration date:

Must be shown indicating the date beyond which the products may no longer meet USP standards of quality and strength etc.

As we know, minerals are difficult to be absorbed by the body.  Some minerals absorption can be lower than 10%.  Anyhow, the absorption can be substantially increased by a process called chelation, and this is proved by studies carried out. As such, please look for “Magnesium (as Magnesium Chelate)”, Iron (as Iron Chelate), “Chromium (as Chromium Chelate)” etc.

3) Are there proven health benefits?

It is very important that we can differentiate between proven ingredients and proven products.  A proven ingredient means that study has been conducted to prove that ingredient (such as vitamin E) has health benefits.  A proven product, however might contain several ingredients and the study has been conducted to prove that there are health benefits from taking that particular product.

How to ensure that the food supplements are proven in bringing health benefits?

Only those companies that do clinical trials on their finished products can assure us the health benefits.  The most reliable studies are randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.  However, there are not much food supplements under this clinical trial as it increases the products’ costs.  In addition, proving the finished product (food supplements) is effective is not under regulatory requirements in the USA.

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Some companies claim that liquid supplements are better than capsules, and capsules are better than tablets in term of absorption. Don’t be distracted by the hype. The bottom line is have they proven health benefits from taking those food supplements. Let the clinical trial do its work and tell the ending results.

In fact, choosing and consuming right food supplements can help in maintaining good health and losing weight. You might also increase the weight loss success rate by understanding correct weight loss concept and weight loss tips.

Health Benefits And Nutritional Values Of Passion Fruits

Passion fruit can be defined as ting egg in shape and tropical fruit. It can be called as Purple Granadilla. Passion fruit consists of many seeds and many purple-brown folded peals at the time of ripening. Inside the fruit consists of pulp and seeds which are eatable and simple to have. The pulp present in Passion fruit consists of different odor and a little bit sweet.

In tropical nations, Passion fruit can be taken as a juice. The shape and structure of fruit is 1 -3 inches large consisting waxy and soft outside layer. This fruit is very delicious and tasty and looks beautiful along with many health advantages. Passion fruit contains rich amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamin A is used to react with free radicals and throw them out of the body. Free radicals generally injure cells and tissues. So Vitamin A prevents injury of skin and tissue by throwing free radicals out of the body. Vitamin A is useful to increase eyesight. In the same time, Vitamin C is useful to restore tissues and protect from heart disorders and cancers and also strengthen bones.

The best health advantage of Passion fruit is its seeds consist of rich fiber that is 25 grams; this fruit seed contains rich amounts of fiber which is required for the body to purify the colon and increase the capacity of digestion and protect heart strokes and heart attacks. We know the benefits of anti-oxidants in the human beings body. These advantageous anti-oxidants are available in Passion fruit that is used to protect from many Asthma and cough.

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Passion fruit is helpful to get the body relaxation because this fruit consists of so many ferrous characteristics. This character is used to get body relaxed and have good sleep. It is preferable to eat Passion fruit before going to bed. Passion fruit is good to keep body healthy and well. It is advantageous to the people who want to lose weight. Some recent study proved that Passion fruit is good for asthma patients because it contains high amounts of flavonoids. It is very helpful to prevent asthma; it is the good diet for asthma patients. And their seeds can be eatable. This fruits pulp is very tasty and has good odor. It can be taken as juice also.

Nutritional values and health advantages of Passion fruits:

  • It stops the growth of cancer.
  • Passion fruit contains rich phytochemicals which stop the growth of cancer cells.
  • It consists of rich amounts of flavonoids and phenolic acids. This enhances heart functions.
  • The phenolic acid which is present in Passion fruit contains anti-microbial properties. It contains rich amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants are fat soluble and water soluble.
  • It contains high amounts of carbohydrates and simple sugars.
  • It is a very good diet for athletes.
  • It consists of plant sterols which lessen cholesterol.
  • It contains rich Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium.
  • It seeds consist of rich amounts of fiber.
  • It is helpful for digestion.
  • It contains somniferous characteristics.
  • It gives good relaxation, sleep and rest to the body.
  • It is useful to lose weight.

Sisters And Beauty Peer Pressure

If you are a girl and you have a sister, older or younger, you can relate to the pressure that comparisons between the two of you create. It’s often difficult to identify this pressure and it’s even more difficult to accept that you are jealous of the person with the deepest link to you.

I’m the middle sister. My older sister is two years older than me and my younger sister is three years younger. I honestly loved being the middle child. I felt like I got the best of all worlds. I could sneak into my older sister’s makeup and jewelry and boss around my little sister and her friends.

Then I turned 15 and my world changed. My older sister turned into this 17-year-old goddess. I swear I remember she woke up one morning and her hair was shiny blonde with curls around her face, her makeup was all shimmery and she had boobs! Ah, the Miracle Bra! I have one now. I thought it was very unfair magic then.

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My little sister also took on a new persona – the baby of the family. More unfair magic. I was left as this middle lump with flat hair and a flatter chest. Being prettier than my older sister was unattainable and acting like the baby was gross (and got me into trouble.)

Everything changed. I began to hear compliments in a very distorted light. If someone thought something good about my sisters it must mean they were trying to let me know that I was lacking in that area. If one of them succeeded, I felt like my parents must be disappointed in me. When I was complimented or achieved something I felt like it either paled in comparison to them or that it would soon be eclipsed by something they would surely do soon enough. Messed up as it was, that was my mental state.

My family, including my sisters, did all they could to counter my self-inflicted peer pressure, but to no avail. I knew lots of girls who were faster than me, slower than me, dumber than me – they didn’t matter. I knew lots of girls who were thinner than me, faster than me, smarter than me – they didn’t count. They were worlds away from me. My sisters were my mirror. We were connected. In my mind, you couldn’t see one without the other, and you couldn’t possibly appreciate us individually. There was a better and a worse. I was the short stick.

I’m thankful that I grew out of that. Lots of women don’t. Lots of girls get lost forever in the comparisons. What can you do if this is you? Not sure. Helpful, I know. Pray for better vision. It’s a tough place to be.

Every girl was created on purpose. You. Me. All of us. We’re supposed to be deeply connected to our sisters, but we have to be our own link in the chain. Take it from a recovering middle child, you’re beautiful. You’re different. You’re a little the same (or a lot the same for some). You’re supposed to be. You’re on purpose. Take a good look at you and enjoy!

Health Benefits With MUFAs

Meaning of MUFAMUFA means monounsaturated fat, the fats which prove beneficial to your body. They reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in your body.

Important MUFA’s

The best MUFA from many sources are olives, avocados, nuts and seeds, chocolate and oils. From all these monounsaturated fats (MUFA) chocolate is considered as the best originator of MUFA. It is good to take chocolate after meals.

Effects of MUFA in meals

MUFA can be added to your meals, in the way you eat your meals on a daily basis, like you think to eat chicken breast in meals then you can drizzle oil over the chicken then automatically MUFA is included in your meal or if you wish for some better MUFA then take chocolate instead. Adding all these in your diet does not make your diet as flat belly diet but you must take fewer calories. Be confident to neglect prohibited foods also. You need not worry about the meals we offer as we cover all the main things in it. All the meals contain low calories with added MUFA’s in them.

Foods with MUFA content

Now you have understood about MUFA and how it is acquired and the next let us go through the food which has MUFA in them at a high level.


Walnuts are the dry fruits that are nutritional and contain omega-3 fatty acids. The omega -3 fatty acids are taken to protect our organs of the body mainly heart. You can also take it to keep cognitive functions sharp and healthy.

Sunflower seeds

You get a good stream of energy from sunflower seeds as they contain vitamin B that helps to control internal problems like inflammation in the body and also they have vitamin E which controls your hunger when you feel hungry.


There are two components in pistachios, they are lutein and zeaxanthin. These are two energy supplements that save from any common eye problem called Aging Muscular Degeneration (AMD). It occurs in your body when you are in old age stage. The effects of AMD are the delicate tissues get damaged at the back of the eye and can even stop working. The best advice given is to take more of pistachios.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the best source of MUFA and is good to use for cooking and adding in salads because it has the goodness of reducing the bad cholesterol in your body and get back the good cholesterol. It is best advised to you to select and use the greenest oil as it contains the substance matter AKA antioxidants that protect your body and cut fat on the stomach.

Natural peanut butter

A single serve of peanut butter gives the best of the world better. It has the antioxidants vitamin E, magnesium which help the development of bones, potassium useful for muscles and vitamin B6 which keeps strong your immune system.

Macadamia nuts

Your heart and other parts of your body benefit in a real way after adding nuts and seeds to your diet. Fibres are present in macadamia nuts that aid your digestive system.

Flaxseed oil

Flax seed gives the best supplement of omega-3 fatty acids to the body and stops the amount of infection in your body. It is the excellent source for sharpening your intelligence and feeling better than before completely.

Dark chocolate

The cocoa powder made from the beans of cocoa makes MUFA a sumptuous and delicious snack. It has the compounds that stop later problems like heart diseases, strokes etc.


MUFA is found high in Avocados. Avocados have the most important beta-sitosterol compound when compared to any other fruit. It fights against the bad cholesterol that is in your body.


We find vitamin E which is a good source of MUFA in almonds. MUFA and vitamin-E work together to break down cholesterol.  A good portion of protein and fiber is found in almonds.

Spa Etiquette

It’s natural to be nervous the first time you go to the spa. Most first-time goers have a multitude of questions about the process and the correct etiquette during a spa visit. This small guide should put all your questions away.

Every spa is different so if you want to make most of the spa you’ll be visiting, it is worth getting there ahead of time so the staff can give you some instruction over the process. Typically though, you should arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of time anyway as you may be asked to fill out a consultation form.

Once you have been registered, you will be taken to a room to change. You will be given towels to wrap around you and clean slippers, usually disposable and therefore previously unused. After about 10minutes, your therapist will come and knock on your door to see if you are ready before taking you to the treatment room.

Of course, a message will involve a certain amount of nudity, but you don’t have to worry about being seen naked. Therapists are trained to shift the towels to ensure that all private areas remain private. Some spas have a policy which states that all clients must keep their underwear on but usually, it all depends on what makes you comfortable.

If you feel you would have a more relaxing time sans underpants, then you will be draped with towels anyway. If you need to turn, the towel will be held high by the masseuse so nothing will be seen.

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Feel free to tell your therapist which way you like your massage done (soft, medium, hard) and if there any parts of the body you`d like the therapist to focus on (shoulders, lower back, feet) or where not to touch (“I don`t like foot massage, it tickles me”, etc.). The most therapist will ask you at the beginning of the session but feel free to comment during the massage and help them understand your preferences.

Punctuality is a key in the spa world. Popular spas work on a tight schedule that barely leaves room for negotiation so being even a few minutes late could cause a chain reaction that may affect other guests. So if you arrive late, then be prepared for a shorter session as more than likely your therapist will have to leave for another appointment.

If you need to cancel, try and cancel and reschedule 24 hours beforehand. It is a standard rule that those who cancel less than 24 hours will have to pay for the session despite not turning up.

If you have a health condition or if you`re pregnant its best to consult your doctor before booking a session as the treatment you are after may not be suitable. Either way, you should advise your therapist of any special medical condition or if you`re pregnant. Remember also to switch off your mobile phone as a courtesy to others and you should be in for the most relaxing time of your life.

3 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss For Women

When we talk about losing weight we are directly overwhelmed dump the concept of eating less and exercise more. Even exercise and healthy eating are appropriate requiring, they scarcely superscription the ground we may show gaining weight clout the ahead void. Some of us plain bear emotions and concern for other tribe! In that women and matter-of-course nurturers we unconsciously effort to solve everyone’s ‘ problems and put out other peoples ‘ fires.

What we must to determine is redirect that heart onto ourselves, release the emotional baggage that’s been tying us down and take back all our energy so we can even consider a diet and exercise plan! By applying these tools in your life you will immediately begin to see results!

1# Make time for you.

If you don’t take time for yourself, no one else will. Literally stop doing those activities and hanging out with people that don’t make you feel better. The objective is to lose and feel good about yourself, then why are you still hanging around friends and family that make you feel worse? Make time for the things you like to do for yourself, that make you feel amazing and beautiful.

2# You need to be able to say ” no ” to other people and ” yes ” to yourself.

Be clear about your boundaries. This includes what you are able to take on for other people, including emotions and worry. For example, if your sister is unemployed and has to feed her family yet isn’t looking for a new job, don’t spend all your time and energy supporting her and taking on her financial responsibilities. You are literally ” worrying ” for her! Offer what you can without taking time away from yourself and offer her advice on places that are hiring people in her field. By being able to say ” no ” to others and ” yes ” to yourself it communicates that you cannot be taken advantage of and that you respect your time and precious energy.

3#: After practicing steps 1 and 2 you will finally have time for yourself.

Now sit down with a pen and paper and follow this simple exercise: – Begin to write what old thoughts and feelings from your past or present are making you feel bad, heavy, unmotivated, uninspired, hopeless, frustrated, etc. Once you ‘ ve gotten it out on paper you ‘ ve already started the releasing process, congratulations!- On a separate column write what thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals make you feel good, inspired, hopeful, loved, confident and valuable.

Now sit quietly with eyes closed, begin to breathe well and imagine those old heavy emotions that have been weighing you down simply leaving your body with every exhale. With every inhale imagine yourself receiving the words that make you feel great. Make sure to practice this simple exercise for just 5 minutes at some point in your day.

What will happen:

Your sense of self respect will flourish by the simple acts of giving yourself time, saying no, and the breathing meditation. Naturally the more you respect yourself, others will do the same. Your well – being is now your main priority and you ‘ ll be amazed at much more energy you have! Of course by having more energy you ‘ ll want to do more, here ‘ s where you can think about an exercise and healthy eating plan the meets your needs and is easy to follow.

Start slow and enjoy the process!

Now that emotional baggage has been released you ‘ ll be able to to start an exercise plan and have the confidence and energy to sustain!

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The 411 On Colored Contacts

There is a great appeal in the ability to instantly change one of your features with no recovery time attached. That’s what you get when you opt for colored contacts – an instant change to your appearance that is often more dramatic than expected and is generally very safe and easy to get, especially if you have a good vision already and do not require a prescription for glasses or contacts.

If that’s you, you need only to be examined to ensure that your eyes can tolerate the contacts and be fitted for the contact of your choice. Even though you can buy colored contacts online without a prescription, it is highly recommended that you see an eye doctor regardless of your vision as poorly fitted colored contacts can cause permanent damage to your corneas warn eye care professionals. Remember that your eyes are a highly sensitive organ and you will be in direct contact with them every day that you use your contacts.

Colored contacts are cleaned, cared for and placed on the eye the same as prescription contact lenses. They need to be cleaned in a solution designed for lenses and stored in a clean container with a solution or disposed of in the amount of time prescribed for disposable lenses. You should always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or your lenses as bacteria spreads easily to the eyes. Eye care professionals say that once you have had a proper eye exam and are familiar with the rules of hygiene that should always be observed when touching your eyes, you should enjoy colored contacts and to have fun changing your look.

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And what fun you can have. Colored contacts have expanded from simple fashion statements that offer basic eye colors into novelty items that let you celebrate holidays by wearing a Jack-O-Lantern face on your eye for Halloween or a candy cane for Christmas. You can choose cat eyes or solid black or tiger stripes. The list goes on and there’s just about nothing that you can’t have put onto a colored contact. If you think the change from brown to blue will turn some heads, try going from brown to zebra stripes!

The novelty contacts will certainly change your look, but many are surprised to find that their skin coloring is also affected by the addition of brighter or darker contacts. Of course for the ladies, your makeup will look very different if you make a dramatic eye color change with colored contacts, so be prepared for that before you are getting ready to go out for an important event. Another thing to be aware of is that your contact can slip while you’re wearing it. This can leave you with half your eye showing its natural color and a half showing the colored contact color. To lessen the chance of this happening, be sure to keep your eyes hydrated and have your contacts professionally fitted.

Learning About Colored Contact Lenses

Wearing colored contact lenses can be fun and allow you to change your eye color at will. Many use them to coordinate with a special outfit, give them the eye color they’ve always desired or simply to try something new. Whatever your reasons are for getting them, it’s best to know the types of Colored Contact Lenses.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon has another name – bitter gourd (Momordica Charantia). The health benefits of bitter melon are well proved scientifically. Most vegetables are popular for the benefits that they provide in one’s overall health. A diet which includes more of vegetables is known to aid in reducing chances of developing chronic diseases as well as other medical conditions. Essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, & fiber sought from the intake of vegetables are significant for the maintenance as well as the development of one’s body and smooth functioning of the internal organs.

Moreover, disease-fighting photochemical sought from certain types of vegetables reduces the danger of cancer formation and heart diseases, as well as helps one in combating diabetes problems and regulating high blood pressure.

Bitter gourd, also known as bitter melon ( Momordica Charantia) is one of the vegetable types used in the promotion of health and well-being. Apart from its usage in preparation of food, it is also popular as an alternative medicine. Grown in the tropical areas of South Africa, East Africa, Caribbean and Asia, bitter melon is a well-known health remedy. Being enriched in potassium, iron, beta-carotene, calcium, and phosphorus, makes Bitter melon keep a check on insulin levels of your body.

Many research reports and data have suggested that Bitter melon helps in the increase of beta cells production present in the pancreas, thus rendering improvement in body’s overall insulin production levels. Bitter melon is even recognized in the treatment of eczema, sores, skin infections, leprosy, and leukemia, apart from its insulin-producing functionality.

Bitter melon is also well-known remedial for treating infections pertaining to retroviruses and also those that cause HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Disease). As such, Bitter melon can also cure and eliminate the strains caused by herpes. It has been ages that Bitter melon is being used as a traditional remedy to heal infections along with diseases.

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Likewise, bitter melon leaf extracts have depicted activities which are purely antibacterial and are useful in the treatment of E.Coli, which is a species of bacteria residing in lower intestines of human beings as well as mammals. If such type of bacteria is not eradicated from the system, it can cause problems such as urinary tract infection as well as gastrointestinal ailments.

Bitter melon can thus be utilized as a potent anthelmintic (parasitic worm destroying drug) substance that can eradicate worms from one’s intestinal tract. Bitter melon finds external indications in healing skin eruptions, burns, psoriasis, chapped skin, and hemorrhoids. Bitter melon has now been recognized as one of the dietary supplements due to the various health benefits provided by it. The people involved in health researchers have confirmed the veracity of treatment with bitter melon and verified it as a suitable alternative medicinal product.

Now, bitter melon capsules can be purchased from the market readily as an alternative medicinal indication to cure colds, viruses, diabetes and several other medical disorders.However, due to the possibility of Bitter melon causing uterine contractions, pregnant women should refrain from the use of this product.

Tampons, Pads, Oh, My!

The debate over whether tampons or pads are better at providing complete protection and coverage has been an ongoing issue for years now, with no real clear end in sight. While one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it is helpful for women to know the pros and cons of both in order to make the best decision based on specific needs and preference.

Menstrual pads, also known as sanitary napkins, have been around for a long time and are still widely used by women of all ages. If it is your first time dealing with pads, it may take some getting used to, as well as trial and error to find just the right pad for your needs. With a strip of adhesive tape underneath, sanitary napkins stick to the underwear, holding the pad in place. These disposable pads are made of a combination of cotton, wool, and other highly absorptive materials.

There are various types of pads that you can purchase, depending on how heavy or light your flow is. If your cycle is heavy, thicker pads are ideal. Lighter cycles can benefit from using pads that are thin and small. These are often referred to as “panty liners.” For women who are active, there are pads that come with flexible “wings” on the sides that are designed to wrap around the underwear, which catches any spillage that may occur.

Pads can be changed as often as needed and can be worn overnight. The only drawback with pads is that they can still allow for accidents, especially if the blood flow is very heavy. Some women find pads to be uncomfortable and similar to wearing a diaper. They often complain that the pad does not move well when they walk and are a hindrance when it comes to doing physical activities. Sanitary napkins are not to be worn while swimming.

Tampons came onto the scene about 40 years after sanitary napkins were introduced to the public commercially. Tampons work as absorbable “plugs” that trap the blood flow by being inserted into the vagina. Like pads, tampons are disposable and should be changed every 4-8 hours.  Never sleep with a tampon in overnight. One major setback with tampons deals with a rare, but deadly condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a bacterial infection that occurs when bacteria gathers in a moist and warm area – which superabsorbent tampons can create. One brand of tampons was directly linked with TSS and has been off the market since.

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With the advancement in technology, it is highly unlikely for tampons to cause TSS nowadays, although there is still a slight possibility. Many women prefer tampons to pads because they are easier to conceal, provide better protection, and allow a woman to swim and be as active as she pleases without being affected by a large and bulky pad. Tampons should only be worn while menstruating.

The main drawback for tampons involves insertion. For young girls, especially those who have not had sexual intercourse, inserting the tampon into the vagina can be difficult. Read the directions carefully and take your time. Some women complain that tampons are uncomfortable but for those who prefer them, tampons are simple, less hassle and easier to dispose of.